The Issues

My platform helps those who've been disenfranchised, marginalized, and are under-represented in Washington, D.C.

We deserve to live in a state where the poor and lower middle class are treated with dignity, respect, and access to healthcare, housing, and a living wage.

Green New Deal

If this winter didn’t make it obvious enough for anyone, climate needs to be at the top of our priority list.

Medicare for All

It’s time for us to catch up with the rest of the world in terms of medical care for our population.

Federal Jobs Guarantee for Artists & Musicians

This is my policy that I introduced two years ago, and which I formulated in this article.

Federal Housing Guarantee

As a society, we have progressed past the excuses for letting our populations live in forced houselessness. I support the Federal Housing Guarantee, and believe any number of the 15,000 vacant homes in the Kansas City Metro area should be used in this way.

Student Loan Forgiveness/Free Tuition

There’s no reason to keep students saddled with higher interest rates and amounts than any business they could start. Education needs to be attainable for everyone, no matter their starting point.

Small Business Support

The pandemic showed us how we are truly failing our small businesses in every way. While Wall Street gets a bailout every few years, our small business owners continue to be shut out of resources. A strong economy means a strong local economy. Helping small businesses pay living wages makes sure everyone gets a fair chance.

Migrant Rights

We’ve done enough traumatization of our migrant relatives. We must abolish ICE, end concentration camps, and reunite every family. We must commit to not contribute to human trafficking, drug wars, and death by an inefficient and uncomprehensive immigration system.

Incarceration/Prison Abolition

The prison system amounts to nothing more than modern slavery. From our police forces to the way we think of prison, everything about our criminal justice system needs reform. This campaign’s first employee was someone who had been labeled a felon, and had just been released. We intend to keep that pattern when we have the ability to hire.

Federal Ban of Conversion Therapy/Youth "Behavioral" Camps

I was a part of the four person team who banned conversion therapy in Kansas City, MO, and have supported other communities banning the practice. I stand in solidarity with the survivors of these so-called therapies and camps. We must ban conversion therapy and for-profit behavior camps for children.

Tax Reform

Let’s tax the billionaires. We have historical precedent.